About Me

I am a practicing educator, consultant, and presenter focused on harnessing digital tools and effective instructional strategies to improve literacy. 

Literacy has always been my first love. The power of technology to present ideas and information and stories in new mediums and to connect with audiences in new ways also thrills me. It is this intersection of literacy and technology that I continue to research, explore, and experiment with to find better ways to prepare our students for an uncertain future, where their ability to read, think, collaborate, and communicate will be key.

Check out the timeline below (a work in progress) to follow my learning journey, or visit my bio.

My journey as an educator started in 1992 when I began teaching high school English. In 2006 a new world of educational technology opened to me when I secured my Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instructional Technology. My learning journey revealed a rapidly changing world powered by ever-changing technologies. I started blogging, connected with educators from around the globe, and wanted to share what I was learning and experiencing with my students.